Erotic Massages Sydney

Erotic massages make for great foreplay and can be an exciting way for you to explore someone’s body and get to know the areas where they enjoy being touched. Listen for noises and heavy breathing to give you a good indication of what that person may like.

Erotic massages are particularity good for people working in the adult industry. If you are currently working as an escort and want to know how to give your client an erotic massage he will never forget; read on…

The first thing you must do is make sure the environment is right. You want the room temperature to be warm (so he doesn’t freeze upon taking his clothes off), candles lit (to create ambiance) and of course some relaxing, sexy music.

Once you have your client naked and on the bed let him know he is about to receive the best erotic massage ever! Tell him to lay face down and relax. Pour a little massage oil into the palm of your hand and then slowly begin to let your hands smoothly glide over his back.

When you have finished massaging the entire area begin to gradually work your way down to his buttocks. Now, the part that really makes this an erotic massage is when you remove your top and brush your breasts gently over his body.

If you want to go the extra mile you can even massage his genitals, just be sure to buy the appropriate massage oil!

So there you have it, some simple steps to perform erotic massage. Hopefully with this knowledge you will be able to entice your clients into becoming regulars! Good luck!

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