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Sexy Penelope is a leggy Brazilian brunette, and really a stunningly fit beautiful high class escort. She provides a gentle and attentive service. Perfectly fresh looks, soft smooth skin and a soft smooth voice!
Her many travels make for some fascinating stories, and her massage skills are reputed to be unmatched.. Penelope is enthusiastic and very eager to be the most satisfying lover you have ever had.. and she manages to deliver just about that! Don’t you love a competitive beauty? It’s definitely difficult to resist being seduced by this irresistible high class goddess. With a perfectly pert bottom and smooth silky-soft skin, Penelope is delicious. Book this sexy, petite Sydney escort for an unforgettable high class escort experience.

  • Height: 5′ 5″
  • Age: 26 years
  • Size: 32D, 22, 33


When seeking a high class escort in Sydney, one needs only to search “high class escorts”, however as the results will fluctuate often, how can you be sure you are finding the best high class escort option for you? Well it is a relatively difficult endeavour these days. With the decline of the economy in 2009, came the rise of every tom, dick and harry opening an escort website and trying to make some ‘easy’ money in the adult industry.

Whether these newbies know what they’re doing or not, the fact remains that for the client, the selection of high class escort girls in Sydney is now bigger, but not necessarily better :/    So how does one find really clean, professional high class escort girls? Is it really a matter of sifting through all those claiming to be high class, like looking for a needle in a haystack?

Well if you have a specific type of high class escort you may have a bit of a search on your hands. However if you are looking for a nice variety of high class Sydney companions, then you would be better of searching high class escort agency Sydney. Then you will get a list of agencies housing 5-50 gils each, and then you have an endless supply of high class girls to visit you any time!

Use different agencies, see which one/s suit your preferences and treat you well, and enjoy yourself!

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