How I Was Introduced to Sydney Hotel Escorts

When you think of escorts, you might think over the top, flamboyant types of escorts or call girls. I used to think of that and imagine that too, and that is why I never really considered using the services of an escort. I’m not the kind of guy who likes the typical porn star look with the huge bust and bleach blonde hair or the orange tan or anything like that. I really like the natural looking girls, and back in the 90s, all you could really get were the plastic barbie doll type escorts.

I’m not really the kind of guy who can stay in a relationship either. It probably has something to do with the fact that I am a workaholic. I love my work and that is why I became so successful so quickly. I am now in a very high ranking position in a global company, so this means I travel a lot. I guess it is a good thing that I am not in a relationship because I don’t think any girl could stand how much I wouldn’t be home.

Anyway, about a year ago, one of my colleagues got caught up in a scandal where he had been caught paying for sex. Now, he didn’t seem like the kind of guy to me who likes that porn star barbie look so it just didn’t make sense to me. When I spoke to him to see how he had been doing, he confirmed for me that that plastic type is definitely not his type, but things had changed since the 90s. He told me that escorts these days look like regular people and almost any one of our work colleagues could be moonlighting as an escort.

He explained a little bit about it to me and it all started to make sense, in fact, he was selling it so well, it sounded like Sydney hotel escorts were something I would want to try next time I was in Sydney.  Apparently, they are very discreet, they can and often do dress in business attire so it doesn’t seem as obvious, and they visit you at your hotel instead of me having to go to them at a venue. It was unfortunate for him to have been caught up in such a scandal, and I felt bad for his family. But I am a busy single man, so I weighed up the idea in my head and reached the conclusion that I would not end up in his position if I did end up hiring a Sydney hotel escort next time I was in Sydney.

I did end up hiring a Sydney hotel escort when I was there, but I didn’t use the same company as my friend. And I was quite surprised to find that he was right and my expectations were way off. Sydney hotel escorts are nothing like the overtly plastic, flamboyant, over the top types of escorts that you imagine from the 90s or in the movies. And the company I had used were very discreet and confidential, so I was lucky in that sense, not that I really had anyone to disappoint, upset or offend. I ended up using that same company to hire a Sydney hotel escort a few more times during that visit to Sydney, and then again a few months later.

I think it is just easier for me to hire a Sydney hotel escort than to have to go out and try to seduce a girl while I’m on a business trip, which would mean I would have limited personal time.

Sydney hotel escorts are just really convenient for me and I plan to use them again when I’m back in Sydney next month.

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